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Have a look at our most common questions below from past program participants. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch to obtain the information you need.

Frequently asked questions

Current Participants

I'm having trouble choosing a template, can you help?

Since every template is fully customizable, it’s okay if the content isn’t an exact match for your website topic. Think about the look and feel you want for your website, and then browse to find one that fits the style you had in mind. If you would like help when choosing a template, schdule a video meeting and we can choose one toegther!

I'm not sure which features I need, what do you recommend?

Take some time to plan out which features you will need on your website. Wix has a ton of features you can add to help grow your business from restaurant orders to room bookings and online calendars. If your business has the resources to create new site content or manage online orders, adding advanced features will add value to your online presence. Features can be added if opportunity presents itself in the future. If you're not sure which features to add to your website, schdule a consultation to review your options and which features make sense.

New Participants

Who is eligible?

Businesses must demonstrate a need for a new website and their ability to complete the website program, including website launch, within two weeks of workshop completion. Applications will be reviewed by a panel from Tourism Nova Scotia and Digital Nova Scotia. Although an applicant may be eligible, eligibility does not guarantee acceptance to the program as it is a competitive process. Applicant requirements: • Have been in operation for at least one year and be operating in 2021-22 (seasonal or year-round) • Must be in good standing with the provincial Registry of Joint Stock Companies (where required) • Applicants must have a listing in good standing on • Priority will be given to small and medium sized businesses whose primary focus is attracting and servicing visitors • Applicants are required to have at least basic computer and internet skills, for example comfort in creating accounts, participating in online learning, creating and writing Word documents, using email programs, and basic understanding of social media • Ideal applicants have no existing website or have an under-performing website and wish to build a new website on Wix • Applicants with an existing Wix website could apply to further develop or build in enhanced features

What are the program costs?

The cost for approved participants to participate in the program is $150. Participants will also be responsible for hosting fees on the Wix platform, which will vary depending on the features/functions they choose. Participants are responsible for hosting fees on the Wix platform. Packages start around $15 USD a month and can be expanded to include features like e-commerce and booking platforms. We will work with participants to choose the best plan for their goals and budget. Please contact us with any questions regarding hosting plans.